Four Smart Hiking Accessories

Hiking for some days can be refreshing, enjoyable and fun. You might have the basics down and feel prepared, but remember to pick up these smart supplies for an even more positive experience out on the trails.

Solar Phone Charger

A cell phone is an essential tool for hiking nowadays. Other than emergency contacts, a phone can store a number of maps and applications vital for your journey even when you're in a remote location and not getting much phone service. Many phones also have a compass feature, which is useful in orienteering. However, other than at rest stops, plugging the phone in isn't possible. A good solar charger can power up your phone and ensure it's available at the right times.

Solar Bluetooth Speakers

Once you're sure that you're safe and have everything you need, you can think about enjoying the experience in the wild. As you pitch your tent, cook food or take pictures, it may be nice to play music. However, headphones can be easily lost, tangled or otherwise broken and rendered useless. Not only that, but headphones can block out some of the natural sounds that may be necessary to hear, such as animals in the area.

A smarter choice is to pack a few small solar Bluetooth speakers with you. Bluetooth technology will allow you to connect to the phone you've brought along so you've got access to whatever music you'd like. The solar capability means you don't have to worry about plugging them in so they'll be usable wherever you are. In addition, in emergencies, your speakers can amplify any calls for help.

Water Purifier or Filter

Even if you expect to only encounter fresh water on your travels, it's smart to have a purifier or filtering product with you. Having such a tool will ensure that you aren't ingesting bacteria and other particles that could make you sick.

Duct Tape

If your backpack, tent or other supplies rip or break, simple duct tape becomes essential. Ensure that you've got a few feet of the material on hand; it's cheap to buy, and you'll wish you took the time to pack it if it starts raining and you can't patch a tear or hole.

With these smart additions to your supply list, your hiking trip can be even better. Talk with retailers and other hikers to ensure that you're not leaving anything at home that you might want or need. 

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Hiking for some days can be refreshing, enjoyable and fun. You might have the basics down and feel prepared, but remember to pick up these smart suppl